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    Exercise and Good Health: The Connection

    Many of us understand that exercise has an important role to play in improving levels of both physical and mental health, but why should this be? What evidence is there to support this widespread belief. In this in-depth examination, we consider evidence and guidance from various sources, taking a closer look at the available information. When attempting to consider any issues surrounding health, the NHS website provides an obvious starting point. The headline information from that source is truly impressive: Exercise can reduce the risk of a number of major illnesses (including heart disease, strokes, cancer and type 2 diabetes by up to 50%) It can also reduce the chances…

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    Candida Treatment

    Please note, most conventional doctors do not recognise the concept of systemic candida infection. This article should not be used as a replacement for medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Always discuss any health problem you have with your doctor. The following was originally written for our September 2006 newsletter. Now, 18 months later, this article has now been extensively updated and in many parts completely re-written. Before I share my pearls of wisdom on candida (candidiasis) treatment, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention that we have built up a nice collection of product reviews from customers who have been kind enough to write something for us which you can view by clicking here.…

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    I have been reading with interest the comments on acidophilus. I started researching the subject of yeast overgrowth after hearing a specialist speak about leaky gut at a workshop. I can not vouch for the accuracy of what I have read but my understanding of the subject in very simple terms is that good bacteria and yeast colonize various parts of the digestive system. They do not fight each other or kill each other off per se. What the good bacteria does, in effect, is to contain the yeast by colonizing large areas of the intestinal tract so they are not available for use by the yeast. They carry on…

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    Laughter Therapy

    Did you hear the one about……Add a dose of laughter. A natural tonic for your health! Quite apart from putting you in a good mood laughing has profound health benefits too!  Laughing sets off a reaction in your brain which releases Endorphins that improves your mood and reduces levels of the stress hormone Cortisol. It prompts physiological changes that may be beneficial to your Immune and Endocrine system as well as other systems of your body.  Laughing also has a benefical effect on circulation improving the dilation of blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure.  Laughing also reduces the symptoms of depression and insomnia, improves…

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    With the Rechargeable Secret Sound Hearing Amplifier you can hear sounds and voices clearly up to 30 metres away! And designed to look just like a Bluetooth Headset nobody need ever know! Catch everything that’s said whether at a lecture or presentation, your favourite TV programme, at the theatre, an after dinner speech or a classroom – in fact anywhere that you don’t want to or can’t afford to miss a word.  Need to hear every word of a key debate, group discussion or board meeting? Vital that you hear every bid in a fast moving auction?  Your Secret Sound Amplifier makes sure of that!  A SOUND investment!

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    Job interview tip. Better posture gets you taken more seriously!

    US Researchers have released a new study showing that a straight back can even help you get ahead of the competition! US Researchers have released a new study showing that a straight back can help you get ahead of the competition in the office or at a job interview.  Posture is even more likely to have a bearing on behaviour than title or rank according to findings by the Kellogg School of Management at North Western University.  ‘So much of who we are in the world and how we act really comes from the way that we stand and present ourselves’ said Professor Adam Galinsky, who led the study.  He…

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    SILVERSTAR SINKMAT CLEANING PLATE. Natural Chemical Free Jewellery and Silverware Cleaner

    Finding getting the tarnish off your Silverware a chore? Looking for a quick, chemical free and easy way to clean your Silverware and other Precious and Semi Precious Metalware and Jewellery at home? Bring your tarnished silver to life in just 30 seconds! No mess, no buffing, no fuss! The secret cleaning weapon of country house curators and museums!  So easy to use its effortless! Simply place your Ornaments and Jewellery on top of the SILVERSTAR SINKMAT CLEANING PLATE in the sink, soak in hot salty water and wipe clean!  Soaks in to clean the minutest crevices. Even the individual links of your chains and bracelets! No polishing or buffing!…

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    Bed making – made easy!

    Have you noticed how mattresses are getting so much heavier with many weighing in excess of 70 kilos! It’s no wonder bed making can be so much of a pain!  The repeated awkward stooping, twisting and lifting involved in changing bed linen can challenge even the strongest backs, necks and shoulders and is especially a problem with professional hoteliers and housekeepers who change bed linen every day!  The BED MADE EZ lifts the mattress for you leaving your hands free to pull and tuck without lifting, stooping and stretching.  Says leading Chiropractic Sports Physician Dr Thomas Cook ‘BED MADE EZ is a unique device that can significantly reduce the physical…

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    Vitamin D Deficiency

    The recent discovery – in a randomised, controlled trial – that daily ingestion of 1100 IU of colecalciferol (vitamin D) over a 4-year period dramatically reduced the incidence of non-skin cancers makes it difficult to overstate the potential medical, social and economic implications of treating vitamin D deficiency. Not only are such deficiencies common, probably the rule, vitamin D deficiency stands implicated in a host of diseases other than cancer. The metabolic product of vitamin D is a potent, pleiotropic, repair and maintenance, secosteroid hormone that targets > 200 human genes in a wide variety of tissues, meaning it has as many mechanisms of action as genes it targets. A…

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    I felt my stomach was going to explode

    Jane started to have embarassing stomach problems. She tried many treatments and sought advice but it kept coming back. Then she tried Dida  ‘At the beginning I thought it was something I had eaten. But I realised that no matter what I was eating I had the problem. It was the eating in itself! My stomach reacted at once getting bloated and I was plagued by wind. I felt as if there was yeast in my stomach!’  Lack of energy ‘I was constantly tired and in low spirits all energy had drained away and always this craving for sweets! My friend told me I could have an imbalance in my intestinal…